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Enhance your user experience by integrating seamless social logins on your platform. Whether you prefer to auto-display login options or manually place them with our specialized following shortcode, this panel provides a streamlined configuration process to get you set up swiftly. Dive in and optimize your user onboarding today!


  1. Enable Social Logins: Turn on the toggle to enable social login.
  2. Social Networks: Add as many social providers as you want and you can even enter your own labels for them. List of supported networks:

    • Facebook
    • GitHub
    • Google
    • Twitter
    • Amazon
    • LinkedIn
    • Apple
    • WordPress
    • Yahoo
    • Slack
    • Medium
    • Dribbble
    • Paypal
  3. View: Choose between Icon & text, Icon only, and Text only
  4. Skin: Choose your Social Buttons Skin.
  5. Shape: Choose your Social Buttons Shape.
  6. Color: Choose either the Official button color combination or specify a custom color combination. (Custom Colors can be set for both the Normal and Hover in Customizer.)
  7. Layout: Choose buttons layout on desktop, tablet and mobile.
  8. Auto Display: This option includes 4 fields:

    • None: Disable auto display.
    • After Login Form: Add at the end of login form.
    • Before Button:  Add at the beginning of login form.
    • Custom Hook: Enter your custom action hook to display share buttons.
  9. Before Content: Add custom content before social buttons wrapper.
  10. After Content: Add custom content after social buttons wrapper.
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