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Introducing WP ULike Pro

If you’re looking for one of the best and fastest ways to add like and dislike functionality to your WordPress website, then the WP ULike Pro plugin is for you! 
WP ULike Pro is a Paid WordPress plugin that will allow your website visitors to engage with your wide range of content types including posts, forum topics & replies, comments and activity updates.
WP ULike Pro needs an already active 
Also, WP ULike’s amazing statistics tools help you to track your content effectiveness with a real-time report system and detailed statistics.
What’s more, WP ULike Pro has a wide variety of options available to customize your plugin. It will allow you to customize your like button in your favorite style. You can see our template sample in the video below:
Before purchasing WP ULike Pro, you can look and test the plugin templates in the Template section of our website.

Quick start guide

Welcome to the WP ULike Pro Plugin quick start guide. Here we briefly explain the necessary steps to get you up and running with the Plugin.
You will be guided throw this document about these topics:
  1. Installation
  2. Activating
  3. Updating
  4. Support
In some easy steps, you will learn how to download and install the Plugin from our website or WordPress plugin store and how to get the license key for the product.
After that, we will talk about applying WP ULike on your WordPress websites and how to use multiple widgets.
And in the last section, we clarify our support system and how you can get help if needed.

1- Installation 

After purchasing the WP ULike Pro Plugin, your next step will be installing it. 
  • Download the installable package 
  • Upload the package to your website and add it to your Plugin library
  • Activate the Plugin using your purchased license
For downloading the plugin package, you can visit our product section on our website
Then open the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard and click on "add new" and then upload, install the plugin.
You will see a notification to activate your Pro version of Plugin.
You can activate the Plugin using the license key that you get with your purchase in WP ULike Settings > Activation Tab > active box
for more information read: Activation Guide

2- Activation

Activating the plugin couldn’t be easier, you just copy the code you were given in purchase step and paste it in the activation box and done, and you are good to go.
We have multiple licensing options for you:
ULike plans Prices (USD)
WP ULike plugin for 1 website + 1-year Updates and support $ 29.00/ year
WP ULike plugin for 3 websites + 1-year Updates and support $ 59.00/ year
WP ULike plugin for 1000 websites + 1-year Updates and support $ 199.00/ year

see our  Activation Guide

3- Updating 

Please note that we are regularly releasing updates for the WP ULike Pro. With each update, we add new features and improvements and we work on fixing probable bugs.
And we are trying to add more templates with each update.
Updates and support are available for our Paid Users for 1 year. After that, you need to renew your license to receive further updates and features.
With the Pro version of the plugin, updates will be available in your site WordPress Dashboard and will be applied with just one click. 
You won’t have to reactivate plugin after update.

4- Support

If you need any further assistance or had any questions, you are more than welcomed to contact us. we provided a complete profile guide to help you manage your Domains and Licenses in Profile section on our website.
read more on  Profile guide
First of all, we suggest that you read our support policy for more information. That being said, we recommend that you visit our documentation center for tutorials and articles.
If you had any further questions, first please check out our FAQ page. You can also visit our website to chat with online users and finally, or contact us at [email protected]

Whichever way you contact us, we will do our best to assist you in the best way possible.
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