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The integration is quite simple on this side. You need an Authentication method to transfer data. We use and recommend JWT Authentication for WP REST API. this plugin Extends the WP REST API using JSON Web Tokens Authentication as an authentication method.

You can also use your own authentication solution with Custom Keys.

Also, you can easily manage who can have access to readable and writable roots in this section.

If you want to disable authentication for any reason, select the "User Login" option and then in the Access Readable & Access Writable options, delete all user roles.

How to Get Started with WP ULike REST API?

  1. Enable REST API: Enable/Disable our rest API endpoints.
  2. Authentication Type: Select your liking authentication method between "User Login" and "Custom Keys" method.

    • User Login: This method is based on user identification according to the JWT Token and can specify the level of access to readable & writable routes using the following options:

      1. Access to readable routes: Select between user roles.
      2. Access to writable routes: Select between user roles.
    • Custom Keys: Simply generate custom API keys with just one click and use them.
  3. Enable Auto User ID: Automatically get the user id based on the detected JWT token. (Only works if "User Login" method be selected)

Custom Keys

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