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If you are not satisfied with pre-designed templates, you can add custom CSS and spinner code here easily.

  1. Custom CSS: Add your custom CSS styles.
  2. Custom Spinner: Select a default spinner (loading) icon for buttons.
  3. Enable Inline Custom CSS: The styles of this section are stored in a file at [ wp-content/uploads/wp-ulike/custom.css ]. If you don't want to use "custom.css" file for any reason, by activating this option, the styles will be added to the page as inline.
  4. PHP Snippets: Add PHP snippets without opening and closing tags (<?php and ?>). If you have lots of snippets, you may want to consider using Code Snippets plugin.
  5. Javascript Snippets: This code will output immediately before the closing </body> tag in the document source. (Scripts must not be property wrapped in <script> tag.)
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