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  1. Already Voted Message
  2. Login Required Message
  3. Liked Notice Message
  4. Unliked Notice Message
  5. Like Button Aria Label
  6. Dislike Notice Message [PRO]
  7. Undislike Notice Message [PRO]
  8. Dislike Button Aria Label [PRO]
  9. User Not Found Message [PRO]
  10. Enter Required Fields Message [PRO]
  11. Permission Denied Message [PRO]
  12. Login Successful Message [PRO]
  13. Login Failed Message [PRO]
  14. Password Reset Message [PRO]
  15. Email Confirmation Message [PRO]
  16. Password Match Message [PRO]
  17. Empty Username Message [PRO]
  18. Invalid Combo Message [PRO]
  19. Email Error Message [PRO]
  20. Fill Signup Form Message [PRO]
  21. Error Occurred Message [PRO]
  22. Signup Sucess Message [PRO]
  23. Disabled Registration Message [PRO]
  24. Invalid Email Address Message [PRO]
  25. Email Exist Message [PRO]
  26. Username Exist Message [PRO]
  27. Recaptcha Missing Secret Message [PRO]
  28. Recaptcha Invalid Secret Message [PRO]
  29. Recaptcha Missing Input Message [PRO]
  30. Recaptcha Invalid Input Message [PRO]
  31. Recaptcha Bad Request Message [PRO]
  32. Recaptcha Timeout Message  [PRO]
  33. Avatar Upload Text [PRO]
  34. Avatar Edit Text [PRO]
  35. Avatar Delete Text [PRO]
  36. Profile Log Out Text [PRO]
  37. Two Factor Title [PRO]
  38. Incorrect one-time password message [PRO]
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