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You can create multiple share buttons as you wish and use them as shortcode or try auto display options. Just be sure to set the "Slug" option for each item. For example, if you want to use shortcode and set slug as "single_share", you can use the following shortcode to display social buttons:

[wp_ulike_pro_social_share slug=single_share]

  1. Slug: The first required field for which you must enter a custom string. (e.g. single_share)
  2. Share Buttons: Add as many social networks as you want and you can even enter your own label for them. List of supported networks:

    • facebook
    • linkedin
    • twitter
    • vkontakte
    • odnoklassniki
    • tumblr
    • blogger
    • pinterest
    • digg
    • evernote
    • reddit
    • delicious
    • mix
    • xing
    • wordpress
    • baidu
    • renren
    • weibo
    • skype
    • telegram
    • whatsapp
    • wechat
  3. View: Choose between Icon & text, Icon only, and Text only
  4. Skin: Choose your Social Buttons Skin.
  5. Shape: Choose your Social Buttons Shape.
  6. Color: Choose either the Official button color combination or specify a custom color combination. (Custom Colors can be set for both the Normal and Hover in Customizer.)
  7. Before Content: Add custom content before share buttons wrapper.
  8. After Content: Add custom content after share buttons wrapper.
  9. Auto Display: This option includes 5 fields:

    • None: Disable auto display.
    • After Button: Add after CTA (like/dislike) button.
    • Before Button: Add before CTA (like/dislike) button.
    • Modal After Vote: After success voting, open a modal box and display current share buttons.
    • Custom Hook: Enter your custom action hook to display share buttons.
Note: If you select "After Button", "Before Button", and "Modal After Vote" options, You have two other options to filter the display by content type or current user status.
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