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Learn what the various options are on the General Settings page.

  1. Enable Convertor: This changes the format of larger number values. For example, 1000 likes would become 1k.  This is off by default.
  2. Filter Counter Value: Set prefix and postfix for counter value. You can also use HTML structure.
  3. Enable Notifications: This simply displays a notification when a vote is left. This is on by default.
  4. Disable Toast Types: Using this option, you can disable toast notifications in some content types. (e.g you can disable it for comment actions)
  5. Enable Anonymize IP: This feature helps make sure the plugin is compliant with GDPR guidelines. It is off by default.
  6. Enable Cache Exist: If you're using any cache service or plugin, enable this option. This is off by default.
  7. Hide Admin Notices: If our admin notices bothered you, you can hide them using this option.
  8. Disable Plugin Files: You can pick specific plugin files via a dropdown list. This list will show plugin files that you do not currently have installed.
  9. Enable Admin Columns: Add counter stats column in the admin post types menu.
  10. Blacklist: Choose which Blacklist you would prefer to use for voting buttons. The Disallowed Comment Keys option can be found in the WordPress Discussion Settings page.
  11. Enable Shortcode Generator [PRO]: Enable "WP ULike Shortcode" button at TinyMCE editor for better access.
  12. Display Stats Menu Capability [PRO]: Select user access level to view stats page.
  13. Display Logs Menu Capability [PRO]: Select user access level to view logs pages.
  14. Enable Meta Box [PRO]: Enable our special metabox panel inside your selected post types.
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